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Autumn’s Ode

"Come little leaves, said the wind one day,

o'er the hills and out to play.

Adorn your coats of red and gold,

for the days grow short, and the nights grown cold.

And the leaves heard the winds clarion call,

flew over the hills, one and all."

This little poem is the first remix I ever heard.

The original was written by a man named George Cooper, who I am many Googles away from know anything about.

The version above is different from the original but is a living part of my family's oral history.

My mother, to this day, will utter these beautiful words each year as the landscape begins to adorn itself in the bronzed glory of autumn.

It was taught to her by her mother. My grandmother didn't go to school past 14, yet she was so well read and was a deep well of clever anecdotes, time honored quotations and beautiful poetry.

This weekend, check out these fun autumn events (one of which I am hosting 🙂)

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