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I am cute. I also have boogers

That's the mantra for this New Year/Same Me motivation period that I'm trying tiny to stick to for more than five seconds.

I'm cute. I can move through a room. I can converse with the opposite sex in a way that leads to sustained attention and good vibes. I can speak in a crowd confidently. To conclude, I'm over 6 feet tall and can put an outfit together.

I also have boogers. I have cat butter (the southern term for eye boogers). I have a sometimes awkward stance and walk, and can present as disorganized and disheveled.

The minute I start ego tripping, the boogers and the awkwardness are much more In focus than the confidence and the cuteness. The universe is right there to remind me that my power and goodness lie in my ability to be open, vulnerable, humble and empathetic.

Some dudes are douches, but they're so attractive it's maddening.

I'm not one of them. I'm truly grateful for that because it keeps me grounded and tied to the good things that spread love and light.

I'll ego trip again. I'll then be reminded by the universe again that that shit ain't cute, and that's a friggin gift.


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