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Max Hospitality is Hiring!

I personally and professionally vouch for the benefit to a position with the Max Group.

My six years working with them are a big reason why I was positioned well to start my own business, flourish with my event curation and learn all sides of the industry.

It’s not easy to get hired, but it’s even harder to be let go. They work to keep their people.

It’s not an easy job. The day you think will “dead” is the day they do an email blast and 300 hungry humans come through the door.

The job IS simple-learn the culture, look sharp, obsess over guests, keep your finger on the pulse of thoughtfully prepared food and drink, execute every step of service with style and competence or ask for help in doing so.

That literally is enough to land a benefitted full time position with advancement.

This is NOT an ad. I have not been compensated or asked to post this.

I believe that the Max Hospitality team provides an opportunity to go wherever you want in the food and beverage world, and many happily choose to grow within the group.

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