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Spirits that Matter: Rockey's Botanical Liqueur

Rarely do I just think an ingredient works and go about trying it in absolutely everything.

Sometimes versatility and undefined properties can lead to confusion and a lack of identity.

This is NOT one of those times.

Rockey's Botanical Liqueur needs a place on your shelf and in some iteration of every beverage you love.


You are just diving in to craft spirits and cocktails:

This is modeled after a classic technique and beverage known as clarified milk punch.

Punch (legend has it)derived from the Hindi word for 5, the classic punch brings together the elements of sour, sweet, booze, dilution from water (the most vital part of any drink) and spices (often from chai and green tea) Milk punches became popular in the American South as a tipple for the upper classes.

In England, a style that was heated and strained through cheesecloth gained popularity, which removed the milk solids and left behind a citrusy, silky beverage with a rich mouthfeel and depth of flavor. The clarified milk punch still today has a unique and irreplaceable spot in the hearts of all thoughtful and creative beverage makers.

Also think if it as labor intensive if you don't serve drinks as your main function. Rockey's will introduce you to the style of beverage without all the work.

You're experienced in thoughtfully crafted classic cocktails:

This stuff works in everything. Literally everything.

Spritz. Sling. Sazerac. Sour. Stirred. Any other S category that I can't think of. It's a true cocktail elevator. Martini riffs are an obvious place to start. A Hugo with Rockey's is a delight. The tiki possibilities are many as it rewards funky rum and orgeat.

You can’t not riff with this.

It’s like Lillet and St Germain

looked themselves in the mirror

and took personal inventory. This

is so ready for your next best spritz and

will rule a LoFi cocktail menu.

The price is also very nice

Cocktail Inspiration-Drinks that matter made with Rockey's Botanical Spirit

Rare Essence

-So named because this spirit is similar to the style of music that this band plays-hard to contain in one category and so full of soul. I love Go-Go and Chartruese. If you do too, we are friends. There are probably less than 5,000 of us on earth.

Also because the great Chartreuse Drought is making the block hot.

1.5 oz Chartruese Vert (Or Genepy if you are feeling the squeeze)

.5 oz Rockey’s

Barspoon Mezcal

4 oz Soda

Build in Collins glass (or wine glass if you’re on sassy time)

Garnish with mint sprig


-This was inspired by my time spent with Gaz Regan at Cocktails in the Country

2.25 oz Highclere Castle Gin

.5 oz Rockeys

2 Dashes Regans Orange Bitters

3 drops saline solution

Stir till well chilled.

Strain into stemmed glass .

Garnish with lemon twist and thyme

Bed Stuy Banquet Beverage

-In my mind, Biggie hosts a big ass block party dinner for every Brooklynite and hip hop lover.

This is the welcome cocktail in my head and is loosely inspired by a recipe from Tom Bullock's The Ideal Bartender

2 oz New York Distilling Co Ragtime Rye

1 oz Rockeys

.5 oz Ferrand Dry Curaçao

.75 Lemon Juice

.5 Pineapple Juice (sweetness levels are fraught with cultural preferences. Some folks will like more, some will like less. All are worth getting a drink prepared to their liking.)

.25 oz Honey Syrup (more to taste. I don’t yuck anybody’s yums.)

2 Dashes Hella Ginger Bitters

Shake like it was all a dream

Dirty pour a rocks glass.

garnish with luxardo cherry

Cashville Connection

-This is in honor of my whiskey family and a digital mentor named Big Loon. They’re both from Nashville and they both are about approaching their respective industries with high level information and building a culture of camaraderie based on truth.

His podcast is a manual in Fortune 500 business acumen gained from approaching the corporate game with survival skills gained growing up in the city of Nashville.

My signature old fashioned contains this whiskey and Amaro combination, and the Rockey's lifts all the elements nicely

2 oz Nelson Greenbrier Tennessee Whiskey

.5 oz Cynar

.5 oz Rockey’s Liqueur

.25 Orange Oleo Saccharum

Stir moderately.

Strain over large rock in rocks glass

A special thank you to my sis Jen for introducing me to Eamon Rockey and to the man himself for making this spirit.

I can't stress enough how much of an influence that It's Up There Podcast has had on me. if you love post modern culture and want genuine takes on the digital age from an unapologetic perspective, give this podcast a listen.

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