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The New Haven Pizza Guide by Leeanne Griffin

I like to read about my food. Sometimes I am looking to vet a new spot thats more than an hour away (if I travel 61 or more minutes, you damn well better impress me). Most times, though I am looking at stuff I have already eaten and comparing, rating or simply fantasizing about having it again.

I think that today, I’m in for a literary treat.

Number one: Pizza was invented in CT.

Number two: New Haven is its birthplace and still the incubator for some of the best pies in the world,

Nimber three: Leeanne Griffin has made the world of eating and drinking in Connecticut more rich, more varied and more accessible by her reporting and profiles that get into the people behind the product snd the soul behind the service.

Every day that I want to be happy, I drink, eat, listen and think.

Combinations of these four themes usually result in my happiest of times.

Read this. Think about it. Discuss it. Eat some pizza.

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