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The Single Malt Whisky you Need Right Now

The Balvenie: A Symphony of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

The Balvenie, a renowned distillery in Speyside, Scotland, is a beacon of tradition and craftsmanship in the whisky industry. Under the watchful eye of Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE, The Balvenie produces a unique range of single malts, each with its distinctive character12. Let's delve into the heart of this brand and explore their core products and special collections.

The Core Range

At the heart of The Balvenie's offering is the Core Range. This collection is renowned for its breadth, with a variety of age statements available. The flagship product is the 12-year-old Double Wood, which undergoes a unique process of maturation in two distinct types of wood: traditional oak whisky casks, and then European oak sherry casks3. This 'finishing' technique, pioneered by The Balvenie in 1993 with the launch of Double Wood, imparts a rich complexity to the whisky4.

A bottle of Balvenie 12  Doublewood, a single malt scotch.
The Balvenie 12 Doublewood

The Core Range extends to the venerable 30-year-old whisky, catering to connoisseurs seeking a taste of time-honoured tradition3. Each whisky in this range carries The Balvenie's signature notes of honey and vanilla, underpinned by the unique flavours acquired during maturation5.

Special Collections

Beyond the Core Range, The Balvenie also presents several special collections, each telling a unique story. One such collection is 'The Balvenie Stories,' a range of single malt whiskies that bring to life tales of character, endeavour, and craft6.

The 'Cask Finishes' collection is another notable mention, exploring a symphony of delicate flavours through different cask finishes5. For those who travel, The Balvenie offers a range of limited edition whiskies exclusive to travel retail locations around the world7.

The Single Malt Scotch Tradition

Single malt Scotch whisky, such as those produced by The Balvenie, adheres to strict rules. It must be made at one distillery in Scotland, from water and malted barley, and aged in oak casks for at least three years8. This process ensures the quality and integrity of each bottle.

The Handcrafted Process

The Balvenie stands out in its commitment to traditional whisky-making methods. From growing their barley to maintaining their copper stills, every step is carried out at the distillery in Dufftown8. This hands-on approach allows The Balvenie to control every aspect of the whisky-making process, ensuring the distinctive character and quality of their single malts.

In conclusion, The Balvenie is more than just a whisky brand. It's a testament to the art of whisky making, a story told through each bottle. Whether you're sipping on a dram from the Core Range or exploring their special collections, you're partaking in a tradition that spans centuries.


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